This week was about finding the right blogging software. First I tried TypePad, but they wanted to charge me $5 a month that I felt was unnecessary and TypePad’s free blog was really not worthwhile to use. Then I tried Google’s Blogger and they were great and free but they want people to get gmail accounts to read the blogs which I felt was unfair to anybody wanting to read my blog. Now I think I found something in WordPress that is free, has a good dashboard and user-friendly. Hold your thumbs!!

About my goals. Ahhhh, Yesterday I’ve had a toddler with a cold and she did not want to let me out of her sight, so really I just spent time with her. But I have been able to do 30 min a day of shredding. Yes I still think I’m crazy for shredding but It s part of the steps so I do it.

My studio is also my little girls playroom and our filing cabinets are there. It is also the place where I make clothes and where the keyboard is, so getting the filing out of the way is a big step into working towards making my FIRST PAINTING for 2010.



  1. Rene says:

    Ek het obviously hierby uitgekom. Interessante konsep! Ek het ook die fliek gesien en dit ‘n pragtige idee gevind. Looking forward to some inspiration from you. Good luck with those goals!
    R x


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