Julie and Julia

(First post on 1 January 2010)

I watched “Julie and Julia” this week and realized what a good idea a blog can be to inspire oneself and others, while making an oral commitment will help with commitment to one’s projects. Here I have to take a break. Family Member needs my help with taking a computer apart.

(Second post on 3 January 2010)

It’s 6.19 am. Sleep is still in my mind and in my eyes. Of course the importance of a blog is debatable. Speaking of importance. Issues lose their importance after a while. That is one of the reasons why I decided to start a blog. To give importance to the ideas in my head and the projects I want to or have to work on. I have a couple of projects I want to mention so that I can be held accountable for them.
The most challenging is also the most boring as in file and shred all financial papers. I know that most people’s administrative papers are probably stuffed in a dark dusty drawer, but I like my things organized and clean. I do not mind filing, I do not like shredding, that really feels like a waste of time. Shredding makes sense in this age of credit fraud, that’s why I try to shred the most important papers.
Do the taxes.
Another project that have been on my mind for, believe it or not, years is to make myself a nice, sexy, furry winter coat.A long soft flowing coat.
Probably the most important is to make paintings. I want to make at least 6 paintings this year. Not small ones, they should be a good size.
The idea with this blog is to at least make me think about my projects even if I Do not get to work on them.


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