The fat worktable celebration of myself

This is how a worktable should not look

I have a great table to work on but at the moment I just put all the mail that comes in on it. I also put everything that I dont know where to put, on it. Wrong!

Yesterday I cleaned the house, it took me 4 hours. Im not complaining there is a few things as nice as a clean and tidy house. We’ve put our house on the market so I decided the best day to clean the house is Fridays just in case we get people interested in viewing the house.

Cleaning the house also helps me in reaching my weight goals. I lost 17 pounds up to November 2009, then gained 6 during the holidays. Still that leaves me with 11 pound gone. I can be proud about that. Honestly I would like to loose 25 in 2010 but if I loose another 11 I would be happy. Do you have skinny family members? I have a couple. Some of them would talk about how fat they are in front of you when they wear a size 6 or 8.

I bought this nice book about poets. It covers 47 poets. “Poetry speaks Expanded” Yesterday I came across this poem by Walt Whitman where he explains how much he loves himself. Its called “Song of Myself” It starts with the words,

I celebrate myself…

In verse 2 he wrote,

I breathe the fragrance myself, and know it and like it…

In verse 24 he wrote,

If I worship one thing more than another it shall be the spread of my own body…

Whitman wrote a poem consisting of 52 verse celebrating himself. I leave you with this, today and this week love yourself, celebrate your body, your mind, appreciate your idiosyncrasies and uniqueness more than anything else.


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