Book Of Eli/The Hurt Locker

A Good war Movie. The Hurt Locker impressed me. I hope people will watch this movie. It gave me insight on the war in Iraq and my respect for the soldiers went up a couple of notches. Well-made, well-written, educational and entertaining. Good Graphics. Yes, Yes, Yes.

On the other hand the Book Of Eli is disappointing. This morning I realized it is not because the “book” is actually the bible. The bible does have tremendous power just as all other religious books. How else can people believe in something when there is no proof, but when scientists and archeologists find something and can prove it, people think it is a huge scam and anti-religious. The word has power.

What bothers me is the fact that the post-apocalyptic theme is over-abused and this is a B-script with Denzel Washington, Gary Oldman, and of all people Tom Waits. They save this movie. And no disrespect to Denzel Washington ( I love you) but I felt that Vin Diesel would have been better suited for this role.


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