Is there anybody out there that have their goals written out in chronological order and follow the list from top to bottom. My list is an organic organism that throbs and glows and plays hide and seek with me.

I have tried my hand at cake decorating last year. I found that I really do not enjoy to decorate cakes. Although I do love to look at decorated cakes and little edible flowers and chocolate lace. I have scratched decorating cakes from my list of goals.

Book of Lists(click here)
Talking about lists. I saw a great “book of lists” in Borders(Borders is a bookstore for my foreign friends and family). It wasn’t really a book although the title want you to believe that it is a book. It is printed on cheap newspaper paper and it is sold with the magazines. It gives lists, for example- the best companies to work for- and so on. It costs $65, which I find ridiculously expensive. That just shows how out of touch I am with life because I am sure that most people will think this is a reasonable price for lists. Information is worth a lot to the person who needs it.

The Virtuoso Pianist(click here)
I have added a new goal to my list. Playing piano. I learned to play piano as a teenager, but alas I have neglected this skill and have taken it up again. My mother inspired me by sending me Hanon’s “The Virtuoso Pianist” which consists of technical finger exercises. I find these exercises to help me concentrate and meditate, making me relax and forget about everything that can go wrong and might go wrong. Eventually I want to teach my husband and little girl enough to enjoy piano too.

Last weekend I had a throat infection and struggled with a fever of a 100 and just like that I plummeted into insecurity and indecision. How lucky are those who never struggle with indecision and insecurity. Now – I am crawling out of this muddy tunnel, slowly but surely.


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