Wrapping February in gift paper.

Somehow January and February 2010 felt like 12 months. Not that it was bad it was just so busy and so many things happened. We decided to go to South Africa , visiting the family, in March. One of the advantages of living in America and being a US citizen is getting one’s passport in 2 weeks. I am somebody who have to climb a mountain to overcome a mouse hill. Getting things like passports seems unattainable to me, but we have the whole family’s passports now and it is such a relief. I bought the gifts for the family. That was also an issue for me and an oasis of nervousness. What to buy? I want everybody to feel special so I don’t want to leave anybody out. Some brainstorming with my Facebook friends helped me decide on Starbucks coffee, one for each group. percolator coffee is expensive in South Africa and Starbucks is a genuine American product, not available in SA. But then there is the personal requests I have to get. Should be easy.

Let’s look at my goals for 2010. Piano: I have worked through Hanon’s Piano Exercises once. It took me a couple of hours. It consists of 60 technical exercises but some of the exercises are 10 pages long. Now I am 60 pages at a time and trying to do it in 60 minutes. My mother is 75 years, she does the complete book in more or less an hour. She is so awesome in that way and I hope to be as active as she is when I am 75. 🙂
Beauty Products: I have created four products so far and bought more books. I am having a lot of fun with this and saving money. I am just amazed at the cold cream that consists of mineral oil, beeswax, water and borax and result in a nice white fluffy cream. Not so crazy about the Greek cold cream that has olive oil instead of mineral oil because it feels warm on my skin.
Painting: Painting has been slow. I did paint though and that is the important thing at this moment in my life.


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