The Goal of this Blog

I’ve played with the idea to concentrate more on books, specifically art books and more specifically art history focusing on women art and history. Why? Because I see that people forgot what the feminists did for us, how the fact that most women would not be able to work wherever they want to or study where ever they want to if it wasn’t for the feminists fighting actively for our rights. People tend to want to believe feminists are hateful and selfish, assuming that feminists are man and child haters.

They take their freedom for granted. Looking at Sarah Palin’s view on feminists I realize that this is not just the view of men, or young women but also women 40 and older. That’s why I have decided to go back and educated myself on gender

Cover of Women, Art and Sociatye
Cover of Women, Art and Society

issues, starting with a book I’ve had for nearly 12 years, “Women, Art and Society

Whitney Chadwick
Whitney Chadwick

” written by Whitney Chadwick. It’s wonderful to me to know that she is living and working in San Francisco and that I can if I want to and have the time and money I can take classes from her and even phone her.


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