Birth of Feminism

In the 1960s, Feminism emulate civil rights and anti-war movements. This created an atmosphere of aggressiveness, confrontation and activism. Women can do more than giving birth successfully, why then would women, be acknowledged for birthing and raising children only? They were and could do so much more. Why would art a man produce be better than that of a woman? These were the kind of questions feminism were looking at and were seeking answers for. I put it in simple language but the issues were complex and challenging. Up to then Art History accentuated certain gender differences were created and for some reason characteristics associated with women were seen as less and had a negative connotation.

In the 1970s emphasizes the Female. Not only the female body but, the experience of being female, of creating as a woman. The main goal was to break away from traditional presentations and create something uniquely female and present it as positive and high art. The male as hero was put under the looking glass and all cultural categories was reconsidered and changed.

to be continued…


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