A Touch of Frost (TV series)
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What is your addiction or addictions?

I like the person I am today more than the one I were 4 years ago. through all life’s surprises and dramas that made me who I am, reading books have always been something that draws me, grabs me and never let go. Thank the stars that I do not smoke anymore and thank you that reading is a good addiction. Well I might be more successful in other areas if I did not read as much or if I read intellectual, scientific, or documentaries. That is why I’ve started to blog and why I’m learning to type with my thumbs on my I-pod. trying to move away from reading. I make art too, below is one of my recent works… All about growing, evolving, not a beautiful flower. I finished an illustration project for a woman that likes to write children’s stories… but books have been my companion through all this and more.


My favorite genre is of course detective type novels. And if it come in a series, then I am happier than ever. For example Colin Dexter‘s “Inspector Morse” series. This was introduced to me by the TV more than 12 years ago. I do have all the DVDs too. Then I had to look for it in book form. Another Detective series that was introduced to me through the TV is “The Wallander” series. I’m sure I’m forgetting a lot. Oh! Don’t forget about “A Touch of Frost” Love that TV series, enjoyed the books tremendously.

I also love “The Mallory” series written by Carol O’Connell. She is really a new type of Detective. beautiful, high IQ, and female. She spent part of childhood growing up on the streets where she learned excellent survival skills but no people skills. What she shares with her male counterparts are her obsession with finding the culprit, the truth. She also share their melancholy and loneliness.

What is it about a series. It has something to do with compartmentalizing objects and thoughts so that everything is easily understood, falls into place and gives one an answer. One gets familiar with the characters and that familiarity creates a sense of safety. It’s like visiting friends and knowing they have your best interest at heart.

Other book series I enjoyed: Jack Marconi Thrillers by Vincent Zandri; J Carson Black’s Laura Cardinal Series. J.R Rain’s Vampire for Hire. Jennifer Estep’s “Gin Blanco Assassin” books. Arnaldur Indridason‘s Reykjavik Murder Mysteries. Simon R Green‘s Nightside and Druid books. Carrie Vaughn‘s Kitty Norville Series. Jeffery Deaver books. Lisa Garner’s Detective DD Warren Novels.



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