The Condition of being Transparent.

Something about lightness or being weightless. I started doing Yoga with renewed determination since doing cardio for more than 30 minutes is too painful due to arthritis now. Every other day half an hour with some reading in my favorite Yoga book. Chapter One of Hatha Yoga Illustrated starts with this wonderful statement. “Yoga is the human quest for remembering our true nature, our deepest selves. Since the dawn of recorded time human beings have sought to transcend the human condition, to go beyond ordinary consciousness… In every human heart lies a deep longing to connect to something bigger that oneself…” I read this paragraph while sweating on the elliptical trainer. So, I realize that this is fundamentally why I make art. I look for the “True Nature”  I am truly trying to understand the people around me, myself and how we are all connected.

My latest Painting speaks about where one stops and where one begins. Although this shows the body it goes down to our spiritual self. With the use of textures and different techniques I play transparence against flesh and abstract against real. I still see the scaring as well. I enjoyed making this painting tremendously. I hope you can see that joy in making it.



  1. What a marvelous painting…It has so much depth and emotion in it. I do love the texture. Transparency — yes,
    you’ve captured it. I really could feel the angst. So sorry to learn that you are suffering from arthritis. So many artists have one thing or another. Perhaps it’s what gives us more to express.

    Your work is amazing. You have so many facets.


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