On imagination and making a living

I’ve come across a book that promise to be inspiring and challenging. “The Art Life: On Creativity and Career” by StuImageart Horodner. This is the newest book published by Atlanta Contemporary Art Center. Put together in a kaleidoscope of insights and advice by people that took part in the ACAC’s exhibitions and programs from 2007 through 2011. Stuart Horodner says this books is as much written as found, a heady mix of opinions and questions that can be used in classrooms and studios by artists of all ages.

As artists we struggle with the questions that this book examines. Why do we go back to our studios in face of uncertainty, few successes and more failures. This collections of writings address the hands-on and introspective issues that affect creating and making a living. Here we can find quotes and wisdom from people in different creative fields and different levels of success. Architects, artists, musicians, curators, actors, educators, dealers and writers.

Being in the Creative field hardly ever brings financial success, and many people have to combine their studio time with family and other career lives. How does one merge these sometimes incompatible paths? This book attempt to give answers and inspiration to creative people in different artistic environments. Included in this book are the following women: Regine Basha, Jennifer Coates, Nicole Eisenman,  Jennie C. Jones, Nina Katchadourian, Anya Liftig, Judy Linn, Eileen Myles, Karyn Olivier,  Nancy Princenthal, Shana Robbins, Amanda Ross-Ho, Mira SchorLisa Sigal, Susan Silton,

This book does not try to give tips on how to become famous or rich, it gives one insight into the struggles artistic people go through everyday. With understanding the process creative people go through a better understanding can be achieved of the art realm.

The Book Launch is on March 23, 7-8:30pm at Octane Westside. It is available online on the ACAC Website.


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