The Artist Market

The Gipsy in me decided to join the Artist Market scene. Joined the Marietta Square Artist Market. Ah, the rush of getting up at 5:30 to get the family ready and all my work in the car. It is a frist come first get kind of market and I would not want it any other way. It went smooth. One drop your work on the side, then go park your car and come back to set up.


After setting up I realize I forgot my scissors and plain thread but my neighboring gipsy was kind enough to lend me her scissors. I met nice fellow marketeers. The two women on my right side were inspiring with their creativity and originality. Little fairy doors and hobby horses, fairy princes crowns and dog toys. All hand-made and one of a kind. See more of their work at The House of Whimsy. I also got to meet the owner of dk Gallery on Church street. Kind people.

I did get the guy who wanted to convert me, maybe he felt my art will send me right to hell. By noon I started feeling dizzy due to the heat with little black dots in front of my eyes. I did not take enough water. In the end I did not pass out and did survive the market.

I plan to make my tent more and more professional with time and I am going to work on smaller works on paper since I realize that it is important for artists is to have a large body of work with small and large-scale work. Small work on paper you can pin-up or hang with a laundry pin on a rope. I also plan to make see-through side cloth walls for my tent.

Portraits and other Commissions always welcome!


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