Modern Day Saint

Working 12 hours a day in the ER. Helping people breathe .How many patients do you know. How many deaths do you see. Modern Day Saint. How many time do you shake your head at the foolishness of the human race. Modern Day Saint. Do you run home, or do you run to away. Do you grab life by its genitals after a hard day’s work. Not a Mother Teresa but a brave woman tackling and fighting for justice, respect, love.

“Modern Day Saint” came to life a couple of months ago. A mixture of red and black covered the empty canvas and make the first layer of paint. Crackle medium is the second layer and covered the area in different levels of thickness and thinness. Another layer of white and red forms the third layer. The figure comes next, applied in charcoal white using the grid system. Using shades of gray, white and black, the person appeared. At the top paint applied in lies drip down to the figure. this forms an effect of lightning. Silver leaf forms the halo and cross around the head. The silver leaf is toned down by scratching and antiquing. As a piece of glory, antique yarn crowns the painting.

The title of this painting only happened after a person of Facebook commented and called the woman in this painting a Modern Day Saint. Then with relieved I knew I found the title. Another realization came to me when another friend mentioned the “mona Lisa” smile. It is true that there is a mona lisa smile. And true to the Model. She has a mona lisa smile.

One of my favorite textures in this painting is the  plaster crackle that create a transparency. Does she speaks to you through her smile or through her looking away. Casting her eyes on something you can not see but you know is important.


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