Blue Mark Studios

This is a story of a building changing owners and functionality through the years. In the 1800s it was a United Methodist Church. A hundred years later it became a Baptist church. Thirty-eight years later it became Blue Mark Studios. Bryan Seay, owner of the Blue Mark Studios, had a dream that he want to make real. He wanted to create a cultural and arts nucleus. With the help of local contractors he renovated the St. James Church into environment where artists can create can thrive. The Blue Mark Studios plays an important part in the Atlanta Art and cultural scene.

This space is the home of a wonderful modern gallery downstairs. Former exhibitions include Kwanyoung Lee, Drand Seay, Julie Ross, Bryan Seay, Victoria Tinsley, Alex Covarrublas, Sirkka Hougard, Jeffry H. Wilcox, George Long, John Tindel, Mich meko, Jesse Cregar, Mario Schambon and Kawai Laurencin. If you are an artist you can send your work to They are in particular looking for local Georgia, USA artists for 2012.

Blue Mark Studios have five artist Studios with a feeling of comfort. The perfect atmosphere for unlimited creativity. Artists in Residence are FSquared CommunicationsGroup LLC, Scott Schoeder, Floral Matters, Bryan Seay, Dana Burrell and Judi Butin.

This establishment also include a beautiful event venue, perfect for parties, weddings and fashion shows, art performances, album release, movie screenings and much more. There are also several programs and happenings you can choose from. The “A couple and A Canvas,” coming up on October 10. The “Booty Shakin’ Bingo,” November 7 or the workshop “The Art of Pie.”

Soon I will be part of this space.  I am part of the exhibition “Multiple Personalities.” The opening is on 1 November 2012. This group of artists consist of Passionate Artists and Photographers pulled together by their wish to make art and inspire. The artist in this include the following. Patrick DeAngelis, Jeanne Flint, Mike Jensen, Corlia Potgieter Kock, Katherine Mialkowski, Bryan Seay, Lisa Shinault, John Thurber, Cindy Zarrilli and Tom Zarrilli.


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