Katherine Mialkowski–The promise of New beginnings











With the use of realism bordering on surrealism, Katherine Mialkowski delivers work that broadcasts the promise of new life. It reminds me of womb of fragile vitality, ready to burst open. She plays vibrant colors of against dark surrounding emptiness. Thus, emphasizing the mystery of that we al go through but never remembers completely. Whispers of Unborn Life.

Katherine Mailkowski, Artist statement:

I have always been interested in the natural world around me and curious about how I fit in to that world. The shapes, smells and sounds of the outdoors draw me in. My senses always seem stronger and I feel more relaxed and at ease when I am away from concrete and humans. Picking up and collecting natural objects is something that I just automatically do when I’m outside. I like to look at the handiwork of the bugs, plants, etc. that make what I find. The textures, the colors, the reason for the object. It all fascinates me.

Regeneration and the cycles of life have always interested me but I became truly inspired while pregnant with my daughter. Coupled with my love of nature I began drawing and painting a series of cocoons ‘glowing’ with life. I have been taking interesting shapes and changing them into unique objects. I want the viewer to feel like they are discovering a new life that they have never seen before. Hopefully some of the excitement that I feel will be conveyed.(http://www.katherinemialkowski.com)

Her work will be on show at Blue Mark Studios Gallery from November 1 2012 – January 31 2013.




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