Time to Incarcerate and Reincarnate


The beginning of 2013.

As with any new year I see many “Happy New Years” and of course the “goal lists”. Most of us realize that this year will not be new. It is a continuous moving forward in time which does not mean a continuous moving forward of goals, to-dos or career steps. Time might move in a circle or an unbroken line and we do end up in our various heavens, hells or be born again in a different meat or vegetable packet. We have our successes and our failures to look at. My failures are many and sometimes I wonder if I could do it over would I make the same decisions? I am the sum of my past, my upbringing, my believes, my fears and loves. Nevertheless we do need to make resolutions not just at the beginning of the year but constantly, freaking hammer our path out into this thing called time. Hunger won’t be stopped, Rape and murder will continue. On the flip side love and charity will continue. Where does Revenge fall?

Suitable is a quote from a fellow Blogger Tocksin:

Do we meet in the middle? Do we understand together that we are sick, that we are afraid, and just maybe because we share each others insight, just maybe we can be one less person reaping destruction and mayhem upon the world, that we can be part of the solution and not a walking time bomb. (TOCKSIN Blog)

So here is my List of goals:

  1. Be more ZEN
  2. Listen to Lady GAGA

There are many more on the list that has always been there, things like make more money by getting a job that is either full-time or part-time and or sell more art, lose weight, exercise more, paint more, go to more Art Exhibitions blog more.

Lady GAGA is new for me. I want to listen to her because her music is dance music, fast and flashing like a laser show. So it makes me smile and invigorates me. Not that she is such an intellectual but sometime it is a good thing to go back to basics. It is perfect for a 2013.



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