Galleries,Exhibition Rooms


Gallery number One was an old Church. There was nothing special to this Church. It looks like a thousand other churches. She did like the fact that the Gallery was in a church.

 (Years ago she found a Tae Kwon Do Dojo in a church. It was heavenly to take classes there. Lately on Facebook she came upon a bar in a church. How cool she thought. One of her wishes was to live in a church with half of it turned into an art studio. With mosaic windows, with the sun shining colorful down on the dwellers. With New England weather and large ancient trees surrounding this studio/residence/church. )

It always feels right to use churches for something else.In this case the Gallery owner is not interested in promoting the artists but makes his money by renting out studio spaces. The Artists themselves are responsible for promoting and even selling the work since the owner will sometimes not open the door for visitors. Artists are always happy to have a space to show their work. How many artists paint and then hide it. She must admit that she had burned some of her work. Now she paints and show it to the world thanks to the Wide Word Web.

Art openings is important. It brings together people that are interested in Art. Most of time she suppose the Artists fear the fact that nobody will show up. A high society Gallery owner said that art openings depend on the quality of art. It is true that somebody like Chuck Close would certainly not need an Show Opening.

Gallery number Two forms part of a strip mall. With a Parking garage where you can park for free. If you accidentally drive down the wrong street you will come to a gate that is closed. Locked with an enormous bolt. Then you might think that this gallery is not available. The truth is that it is open to the public. Around the corner is the parking garage. It is in a hip area whit high end shops and restaurant.

This Gallery has a creative and unique name with large windows opening on to the street. The Owner is always there, using social media to promote her Gallery and her shows. At this Gallery’s Openings you will find  a large variety of individuals. People who come with their kids, their dogs and by themselves. People who exhibit their personalities by wearing crow’s feet earrings, or hats and feature mustaches out of the 1800s.

Gallery number Three is the Online Exhibition. A free and wonderful idea. The artist gets to show his or her work without the expense of shipping and packing.

She came upon a couple of books on owning and running a gallery. It is probably a good idea to run her art as a gallery owner.

1.How to Start and Run a Commercial Art Gallery (How to Start & Run a) [Paperback] by Edward Winkleman.

2.Making It in the Art World: New Approaches to Galleries, Shows, and Raising Money [Paperback] by Brainard Carey.


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