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The record this year is  the attending of two art exhibition openings for 2013. Yes!! Ah, the exclamation marks reminds me of Elaine in Seinfeld. Elaine broke up with a guy because he did not use exclamation marks. Then she nearly got fired because she used to many exclamation marks. Art on a Sunday afternoon is always a good idea. Since I do not do football it was perfect to go an art opening while most everybody raved about the football match on Sunday January 20. We climbed on the I-20 and soon we were parking in the garage across the street from the gallery.

Trevor Arnett Hall
Trevor Arnett Hall

Walking up to the Trevor Arnett Hall, the surrounding building reminding me of the University in South Africa where I did my BA Fine Arts Degrees. We can be continents apart and still find similarities. As an immigrant I never really lose the feeling of being a tourist.

The Exhibit “Women enchanting The Muses”  curated by Tina Dunkley and Professor Christopher Hickey at the Clark University Of Atlanta galleries.  It includes works on paper by celebrated women artists coming from the Cochran Collection. It was illuminating to hear Tina Dunkley, Prof Hickey and Wes Cochran talk about the exhibit.

The Gourp that made this Art Exhibit possible, in front of the Women Enchanting Muses Panel.
The Gourp that made this Art Exhibit possible, in front of the Women Enchanting Muses Panel.

Hickey explained how the Panel all female artists came about. It was part of a class project. Some of the art students were there with us. It was in contrast with Hale Aspacio Woodruff’s Panel “Muses” of all male artists. Find out more about Woodruff’s Panel in this Blog post of Global Street Etique. Hale Aspacio Woodruff taught at the Atlanta University. The Atlanta University ant the Clark College merged in 1988.In the Eye of the Muses there is more information.

This exhibition comes out of the Art Collection of Wes and Missy Cochran. Wes Cochran told stories about how he and his wife, Missy pursued art since the 1970s and his anecdotes about women artists like Camille Billops. For them, it is indeed a treasure hunt. They are from LaGrange, GA and share their Art Collection over the years through Art Exhibitions such as at the Stanback Museum and Planetarium, the Cleveland Art Institute.

Artists included in this show: Emma Amos, Trena Banks, Camille Billops, Betty Blayton, Vivian Browne, Beverly Buchanan, Selma Burke, Nanette Carter, Elizabeth Catlett, Maren Hassinger, Cynthia Hawkins, Margo Humprey, Lois mailou Jones, Valerie Maynard, Norma Morgan, Mary Lovelace O’Neil, Stepnie Pogue, Tochell Puryear, Mavis Pusey, Barbara Chase Riboud, Faith Ringgold, Aminah Robinson, Betye Saar, Alma Thomas, Mildred Thompson, and Joyce Wellman.

Wes Cochran
Wes Cochran
Professor Hickey, Art Docent and Tina Dunkley
Professor Hickey, Art Docent and Tina Dunkley

“Women Enchanting Muses” January 15-April 30, 2013
Clark Atlanta University Art Galleries
Trevor Arnett Hall, 2nd level, Bldg. 6
223 James P. Brawley Drive, SW.
Atlanta, GA 30314


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