URBANfront. Call for submissions–Designers, Artists, Architects

copyright URBANfront
copyright URBANfront
Calling all Artist/ Designers/ Sculptors & Furniture Designers (Midtown Atlanta)
Call For Artists|Designers|Architects URBANfronts encourages design conversations in a public forum utilizing empty retail space to display stimulating art and design for an otherwise abandoned or empty space. It provides an expression of AIA ATL’s commitment to public education and awareness by offering an exhibition platform to display the works of local designers. URBANfronts is focused on producing collaboration and creative partnerships with other Art & Design groups and fostering youthful talent through design students and enthusiasts both exhibiting and attending the event. http://www.aiaatl.org/urbanfronts/

Examples of possible Design Interventions: Works in Art, Architecture, Dance, Fashion, Furniture, Graphic Design, Interior Design, Landscape Architecture, Music and Design Presentations/ Discussions.

Each selected Storefront and Installation designer will be featured on the URBANfronts website and exhibition booklet, and will have the prestige of their work being featured as part of the premier AIA URBANfronts exhibit.

URBANfront Gallery Submissions are invited for the following:♦ Storefront Installations – Work to be viewed from exterior only
Storefront Installations will offer the designer a temporary storefront space to display existing pieces of artwork ro to design a site specific installation♦ Still or Interactive Installations which can be accommodated in a 10′-0″ x 10′-0″.
Work will be exhibited within the main event space open to the public for walk through.♦ Dance Submissions invited for dance proposals for the Opening Reception.

More information on property locations will be provided in the near future!

Submission Guidelines
Deadline for all applications is Friday, March 15, 2013.Selected artists will be notified by Friday, March 22, 2013.
Artists to install the installations between April 01 — 06, 2013 in coordination with properties.

Website – http://www.aiaatl.org/urbanfronts/



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