Engage: Summer Show At DeFoor Center


It took me a really really long time to get to this point. To have a solo show at DeFoor Center. It is finally here. I know that there is no such thing like arriving because on this road of us there are only temporary stops where we can visit for as long as we want or until we are not welcome anymore.

My work is in the Rhombus Room. Lishinault will show in the Encore Room. In adjoining rooms you will find the work of Kathy Rennell Forbes, Nancy Blum, and Alan White. The DeFoor Center has been around since the 1800. At times known as the Old Stone Building and used and expanded as a Church. In 1996 it was the house of the Deljou Art group. Deborah Easton purchased it in 2002. Today The DeFoor Center functions as an Event location. It shows up to 5 artists in their own room 4 times a year and thus plays an important tole in the Atlanta Art Scene.

Opening Reception: May 23, 7-9pm

Show will run from May 23 through the summer to July 7, 2013.

The series up at DeFoor for the summer shows my series “In Awe of Life”. This series concentrate on figures and portraits and then just touching on music. This is on purpose since portraits is one of my strong points and I wanted to explore the possibility of combining portraits with texture.


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