Painting your Kitchen Cabinets and Counters

Here is my video on the process with before and after images. Please watch and Like. Questions, comments also welcome.

I had an old kitchen. Old, cold cabinets and counters. I did do some research by looking at you tube videos on how other people painted cabinets and counters. And read-up in Home Decorating books on what kind of paint, brushes and special tools will be the best. A favorite of me is that big “The House book” and The Home Depot’s “Painting 1-2-3”. Somebody who inspired me to actually go ahead with this project is Creative Cristy in her “How to Paint Your Countertops to Look like Granite“. She has a video where you can see a different look of granite. She made it look so easy.

To start with I took off the doors. As my cabinets and counters were dirty I first sanded, and then cleaned with water and liquid dish soap. I then primed everything. After I finished with two layers of base coat on the Cabinets and three layers of base coat on the Counters I put back the doors and started with the decorating part. Taking off the doors is optional. If you do not have space to put the doors down to work on, keep them on the cabinets. 

To do the cabinets, brush your Paint and Faux Glaze mix on the surface with a wall paint brush. Do not try to cover all areas with the same amount of the glaze mix, but do try to get the glaze mixture on all of the surface. This way you can get a natural wood look. Take your Wood Grain Rocker and pull from top to bottom and side to side.Keep on doing this until you are happy with what you see. After you finished with the Wood Grain Rocker and before the glaze dries, take your Linen Dragger or other wide brush and brush lightly up and down and side to side to get a softer and smoother all over wooden effect.

The faux granite is done with Natural Sea sponge. Cover the bottom part of your sponge with the Paint/Glaze Mix and start dabbing areas of your surface. Here you can cover areas as big as what you feel comfortable with. keep on dabbing with your sponge until the area that you are working on are covered. Before this layer is dry dab it with a scrunched up paper towel to smooth and soften some areas more. This also change the effect and hide the sponge a little. After your first layer is done continue with your other glaze colors. I have three colors in my faux granite. I also splatter a little bit with a paint brush but went over the splatter with a sponge again because it was standing out. 

The last part of the Kitchen, namely the trim and doors are the easiest. The trim are done with brushing the glaze mix on and off with the same brush until you have an even look. The Doors already have a wood grain so you do not have to use the Wood Grain Rocker. You start by brushing on the Glaze mix and the wiping of any excess glaze. Leaving glaze mix in the grooves. I used paper towels to wipe off. Don’t wipe off too much.

You end up with a beautiful luxurious look. 

I hope this video helped. Thanks for watching.


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