Chameleon Creations

I have changed this page’s name. Why? Because I have grown a lot over the last cpl of years as an artist and person. Influenced by the ppl around me. Influenced by my personal and career situations. I do not just do paintings anymore but have played with decor here and here…/how-to-renovate-an-old-kitchen-on-a-…/.

I also moved into creating e-books…. Soon this little book will also be available in print form.

I am still creating art but I have become a more rounded person not only physically wink emoticon but as a creator and NOW I see myself as a creator more as an artist. Is there a difference. I feel it gives me more freedom to do whatever the hell I want to.

And I feel an affinity and connection with Chameleons. I move slowly in a direction. changes how and when I need to. But stay the same at an anatomic/chameleonic level

chameleon |kəˈmēlyən, -lēən| (chiefly Brit. also chamaeleon)
a small slow-moving Old World lizard with a prehensile tail, long extensible tongue, protruding eyes that rotate independently, and a highly developed ability to change color.common chameleon
common chameleon
[Family Chamaeleonidae: four genera, in particular Chamaeleo, and numerous species, including the European chameleon (C. vulgaris) and the common chameleon (C. chamaeleon).]
• (also American chameleon)N. Amer. an anole.
• a person who changes their opinions or behavior according to the situation.


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