#PoweredByIndie #rocket to the next galaxy!

I must say it all started 5, 6 years ago when my daughter started potty training. My husband at that time was writing a play and taking a couple of writing classes. He had an interesting theme he wrote about namely a serial killer in South Africa. But at that time I was observing my daughter struggling with the potty. She did all kind of funny things to get into using the potty and the toilet. Of course it was fun to flush the toilet and seeing the water swirling down but that was the only fun thing about using the toilet.

She would run away and hide behind the curtains or in the closet.



She also like to hide underneath a towel and pretend to be turtle rather than using the toilet.5

I just started by telling her this story at bedtime. About a little girl who was an awesome little girl she love to dance and pretend to be a superhero but when it came to using the toilet she was afraid. She loved this story and would ask me to tell her over and over again.1

Then through a friend I did Illustrations for a children’s book and enjoyed the feeling of excitement I got through doing these illustrations. And so I did some sketches for my own children’s book. It took me a couple of years to finish since it was always at the bottom of the list. And you know well it is a children’s book and just for girls by that too.

Last year and beginning of this year I decided that I have waited long enough and that I should finish it and I did. And I must say CreateSpace and Kindle Direct Publishing made a childhood dream come true of writing, being and author, publishing a book.

So now I am thinking of Illustrating my husband’s play and changing it into a comic. Because the great thing about self publishing with Amazon Kindle Direct and or CreateSpace is that you can rocket past the sky straight to the next galaxy.

My Author Page.


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