The Wordpress Theme Bari

My blog/website is not just a platform that I use to introduce my art and hobbies, but I can also use it as a venue to play with the themes.

I enjoy these circles on the page with images in. The images do not appear automatically in the circles. You have to specify a featured image within every post. If you have not you will have to go back to all your posts and set a featured image. you will find the option on the right hand side while having the post open. If no featured image was chosen the circle will be black.

To emphasize one or two posts as more important you can choose to place them in one or two larger circles. This you can do by going to customize and adding a special tag. Choose “featured content” and then add your tag. Important then is to go to those posts and add the new tag if it isn’t already there.

Pretty cool WordPress!



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