The Unhappy Medium by T J Brown

This was an enjoyable read for me. This story took it’s time to develop the protagonist taking him through success, failure, divorce, falling in love, let him work on his relationship with his daughter. There are other characters in this book that are interesting and one hoped to learn more about but do not, so maybe in a follow up book. The mechanic, the curator. The author took so much time developing the lead in this book that one would think there should be number two in this series. Ok maybe we could have spent less time on the sceptic turn hero Dr Newton Barlow.

I do find the view on the afterlife interesting. This might be a spoiler but it is the most important part of the book to me so that is why I have to share it. How we as human beings keep evil and good alive. How we give ghosts power with what we keep as icons, artifacts and stories. When you concentrate on what is evil and bad that is what you will keep alive. And the opposite is true. That is why it is so important not to forget the good people in your live even if they were unknown. Do not remember the dictators, the murderers, the pedophiles but those that were your friends, those who tried to create beauty, peace and harmony in all of our lives.

Add this to your library.




  1. Thanks for that, a good insight. Human beings, me included, tend to absord and forget the good, and live with the bad like a tattoo. This is probably because evolution is about avoidance; avoiding death, avoiding starvation, avoiding lions, avoiding poverty. Good things, like people reading your book and liking it is absorbed too fast, no time to savour what is an amazing thing. “What is this life if full of care, we have no time to stop and stare.” Thanks tho… feedback is always lovely. BTW, book two is two months away, tops.

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