The Bailey Theme – Wordpress

Let’s take a chance and use the WordPress theme Bailey by The Theme Foundry. If you do not have Premium or up it will cost you $125. This looks like a great theme for designers, photographers, artists and anybody else who have images to show of hobbies and or work.

The first box

They use the grid system to have an interactive design. The first box you will see is a thank you and two options. I suggest that you read this because nothing really happens automatically.





After activating this theme my site does not look like the Bailey example at all. Sigh. So much work ahead to get to that point.

This is how my site looked like after activation.

Change the logo, site title and tagline under the site identity.

Adding your Social media websites are easy and can be done by filling your URLs into the empty spaces under themes. Bechance and deviantArt are even available.

Social media buttons

The instructions to adding your projects are simple but where do you find the “add projects”? Ah!, I found the portfolio underneath the pages.

Find the Portfolio under the pages


Also the activation did not add all my pages automatically.To actually display your all your projects on the front page as the sample show(if I understand it correctly) you must create a new page. Assign it the portfolio page template in page attributes and then publish it as the front page. More steps than what I hoped for.

Playing around with the sidebars and footers. You can have up tp three footers. and there is a main sidebar that is place on the left side and always visible then the menu sidebar that is place underneath the navigation menu on the left and visible when you click on the menu. A nice dynamic feature.

OK well I did manage to have a site up and running with the Bailey feature within an hour which means that although you have to manually do almost all the settings it is still not too slow. Final product within an hour(which includes writing and publishing this post too). I had to add two pages, add three new projects for portfolio page and re-add my shop page.  A great thing is now you have the options to add posts or to add projects.


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