Bloodline, the TV series on Netflix turned into a well-rounded Greek tragedy. All the ingredients were there from the beginning and by the end of Season One I felt sorry for them. By the end of Season Two I hated them all. The last two episodes of Season Three gives back likability to the Rayburn family. You still don’t love them but you start to accept that their actions were probably slowly and deliberately engraved by their parents. And by one another. The mother and Grandmother turn out to be the biggest liar of all.

Surely we all can identify with issues the family have to deal with even if it is not as extreme as murder. Something as the Rayburn House Inn. How every choice and decision the parents make is not necessarily in the best interest of the children but in the future of the Inn. How the parents justify those decisions by saying it is for the future of the children. Then when the mother realizes that she hate most of her children at times and that her children made decision she does not like, she takes away the Inn from them and gives it to the grandchildren and the cycle continues. Now it is not only the children that fight with one another but their children becomes threats as well.

Sissy Spacek as Sally Rayburn gives a wonderful performance in the last episode when in her monologue on how each birth influenced her life. How the birth of each child represent their personalities. A mother’s love, a mother’s hate.

Kyle Chandler as John Rayburn ( made a strong impression on me in the last two episodes with his ability to convey an emotion without saying a word. Wow! He was nominated for a Primetime Emmy in 2016.Maybe 2017 will be his lucky year.

Ben Mendelsohn as Danny Rayburn impressed from the start and I was glad that they kept returning to his character in-spite of all that goes wrong( that’s all I say so as to not be a spoiler). I understand why he won the Primetime Emmy award in 2016

I look forward to the hopefully another season. Season Three left options and openings for more story telling while concentrating on other characters. Maybe then it would become a Saga.


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