Wordpress Theme Scratchpad

Scratchpad by Automatic seems like an interesting theme to use. It has different presentation options. Old style Corner format for the images, notebook paper, sticky note and the link format has a cool paper clip at the top. The leave a reply/comment is in the form of an envelope. I love the grey back ground of the default color theme. They have 5 other theme colors to choose from but you can also choose your own custom color from colors and backgrounds.

When I checked the Preview it showed my website with everything I already put onto my previous theme but as soon as I activated the new theme everything got deleted. Yes You have to add everything again. Add Recent posts. Top Posts. Add Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and anything else you want. A clean slate. I want to say this always happen “every-time” you choose a new theme, but in case there is a theme where it does not happen, I would say it “usually” happen when you choose a new theme. This is just a problem if you change your theme as many times as I do. But I do it because I am curious and like to learn about all the themes out there.

I really like the presentation style. Creative but elegant!

Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 2.13.17 PM


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