Yellow brick road. Path scattered with thorns, rocks and ghosts.

Unfortunately non of us have a road laid in yellow bricks to follow. Was it that Dorothy ended up at the wrong place at the wrong time anyway in spite of that yellow brick road that she was suppose to follow.

Lately my art included more  and more nature. I started with that one colorful beetle in a piano related painting. See below.

Await The Sound
Await the Sound

Then I fell in love with Alpacas and two paintings come from that.

The questions is then why did I start to make nature and animal related art and are moving into flowers and nature landscapes now.

I realized that painting humans started because my docents convinced me to do erotica in my last two years of my BA Art Degree. My first choice had to do with graffiti and the human condition but for some reason they thought it better if I do erotica. Don’t get me wrong erotica is a very interesting subject but the problem was that my docents were all male and their idea of erotica was limited to nude paintings of women and specifically myself. Ha!

Biggest mistake of my life since what did I as 20 year old know about sex? Healthy Sex. Nothing. What I was familiar with was being preyed on, interfered with, and pestered  on by older men and boys, from an early age and the last thing I wanted to do was do painting of myself in the nude as a sex symbol. Which lead to these big faced pastels I did and thank god I passed and got my BA Fine Arts Degree to the relief of my whole family. LOL.


Of course I had a lot to say about sex, but it certainly did not fit into the tipically idea of what erotica is. I made this beautiful large drawing of my husband at a time and all they could say was how good I managed to do the anatomy. Oh Dear. And at the same time encouraging me to use myself as a model because ” men would drool” around those images.

In the end I just burned all the art I created after receiving my degree, except for maybe 4 or 5 that was not in my reach to destroy at that time. Maybe it is time for another bonfire.

Well a couple of years ago I revisited the human figure and made interesting art but still it was mostly fueled by my husband and daughter. The conclusion is that I really do not like people enough to work on them. Maybe?


Now finally I realized how much I love nature and how much I enjoy the simple things in life like water drops on a leaf, an old building in a landscape. Butterflies! Flowers.

The road I traveled to get to the realization that as a farm bred girl, my love for nature and animals have always been repressed for various reasons and now I am back to that basic building blocks in life.

Take Care

Chameleon Creates aka Corlia



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