The short and old lady swimmer

She planned to do a swim and then to enjoy sitting in the hot tub. After securing her clothes in the brown lockers she walked through the restrooms and sauna area. Through the mostly grey and brown decor of the gym. The hot tub’s blueish green and the pool’s blue was refreshing and enticing. It was disappointing to see the “scheduled for service” sign taped on the hot tub steps’ railing. While she was looking at this sign with a wishful expression, a short and old lady swimmer that was walking down the swimming pool steps looked at her and told her loudly no it was broken. It, being the hot tub. As if she could not see for her self that the hot tub was out of order. The old lady was short because the woman was at least a head and a half shorter than herself and  old by the way she waddled down the pool steps and the amount of cellulite on her thighs. The short old woman had dark brown, and curly hair which she hid from the water under a plastic shower cap. There were a lot of older woman at this gym that used shower caps instead of actual swimmers caps. She gave the woman a nod and went to take a shower at the public pool showers. OK, she guessed the woman sees herself as the big parrot of the pool and spa area. The Pool Parrot.

While she was testing the shower water to get it to a nice temperature she heard someone shout. All the lanes were filled. “You can come and swim in this lane mam” the old woman called. She look perplexed at the old woman who without asking her, organized a lane for her to share. Well thank you she said and gave the old lady a thumbs up thinking that the woman must be lonely or might think she is somebody else. She will just go with the flow. Maybe the woman think she is brand new and just do not know how to ask anybody for a lane to share.

After her swim she went to the sauna and co-incidentally the short old lady swimmer met her right in front of the sauna’s door. The old lady was on her way from the pool or maybe the short old swimmer lady was by now, stalking her. You could never know, could you.  Preposterous! She tried to be friendly and smiled at the old woman who then said in a loud voice. “Excuse me mam, this pool water have too much chloride in, you should first take a shower and then do your sauna.” Her mouth literary fell open at the old woman’s words, speechless she look exasperated at the old woman, then gave a sigh and turned her back on the woman while walking into the sauna.

What the hell was wrong with that short old parrot woman she wondered and hid her face under the towel, laying down in the dark, hot sauna on the wooden bench steps. Mind your own business, lady. Pool Parrot.

From the mind of Chameleon Creates. Based on a true event.

IMG_0608 (1)


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