Ingrid Jonker Doesn’t Facebook

I recently left Facebook and now I am more at peace with everything, everybody and myself. Ingrid Jonker is a South African Poet and she wrote this poem where she discussed the issue of visits.

She says she does not want visits anymore. My original Post is on my Afrikaans Blog and here is a link to the Ingrid Jonker Post

I just quickly did a sketch of her face. as a feature image with the f of facebook logo on its side and a cross through it bottom left.

It is such a beautiful poem I will try and translate it quickly and apologize to Jonker for my clumsy translation.

Ek wil nie meer besoek ontvang nie   I do not want any visits
nóg met koppies tee boeretroos en veral nie brandewyn nie not with cups of tea farmers comfort and especially not with brandy
ek wil nie hoor hoe hul wag op gevlerkte briewe nie I do not want to hear how they wait for their winged letters
ek wil nie hoor hoe hulle wakkerlê in hul oogkasse wyl I do not want to hear how they lay awake in their eye sockets while
die ander slaap wyd soos die horison om sy wenkbroue the others sleep like the horizon wide around their eyebrows

en wat wil ek weet van hul eenderse kwale and why would I want to know about their similar ailments
die een sonder eierstokke, die ander met leukemia the one without ovaries the other with leukemia 
die kind sonder ‘n draaiorreltjie en die ou man the child without a barrel organ and the old man
wat al vergeet het dat hy doof is who forgot he is deaf
die bevlieging van die dood in die robots van groen the whims(explosions) of death in the robots of green
die mense wat leef by die see soos in die Sahara the people who lives at the sea asif in the Sahara
die verraaiers van die lewe met die gesig van die dood en van God the traitors of life with the face of death and of God

ek wil net alleen wees op reis met my eensaamheid I just want to travel with my loneliness
soos ‘n wandelstok as a walking stick
en glo dat ek nog enig is and believe that i am unique

-Ingrid Jonker-

and then I wrote my own little ode to this poem

Dankie Ingrid Jonker Thank you Ingrid Jonker

ek kan ook nou sê Now, I can confirm
Ek wil nie meer faceboek nie I do not want to facebook anymore
nog met likes, loves, sad, of dalk mad not with the likes, loves, sad or perhaps mad
Ek wil nie hoor hoe mense dink of eet of drink of stem of skiet nie I don not want to hear about what people eat, drink or shoot with their guns
Ek wil nie hê mense moet hoor hoe ek dink of wakker lê in my oogkasse nie. I do not want people to know how I lay awake in my eye sockets
en wat sal ek nou wil weet van mense wat vlieg of by die huis sit and why would I like to know whether people are traveling or staying home
en wat wil jy nou weet of ek een eierstok het of my bank dalk overdraft is. and why would you want to know if I have only one ovary or my bank account is in overdraft
of dat jy dalk van gewere hou en ek nie, of van brandewyn en ek hou van sjokolade Or that you like guns unlike myself, or that I love chocolate and brandy
Ek wil net soos Ingrid Jonker dink ek is enig in my mensheid. Like Ingrid Jonker I want to believe that I am unique

met ‘n rooi hart en ‘n skaterlag with a red heart and an LOL



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