Although I have done art for many reasons two stands out. Firstly, my dad literally walked me over to the art department at the University of the Orange Freestate in South Africa to get tested before they accepted me into the art program. He died when I was 21 and to show thanks to him I will keep on making art until I can not anymore. He was a farmer and gave me a childhood on a farm and the love for nature and animals has always been strong in me. Secondly, my husband was diagnosed with skin cancer a couple of years ago and they had to cut all the cancer out. He always enjoys seeing me paint or draw and for him I will keep on doing it. He knows that as long as we create there is hope.

The blog CorliArt (English) will consist of

  • stories made up with touches of reality
  • Art work and art related musings.
  • travel photos and ideas about places.

Because I have always loved to write and to draw.

The Blog Demilander (Afrikaans) will consist of

  • Stories and photos of growing up on the farm Demilander and the neighboring town Petrus Steyn in South Africa.

I do not think I need a reason to write about childhood, farm and small town life.






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