Faces, minds, souls. There is little I can do to change your mind about anything, but I can make…”art”.

To me as an artist I nurture a healthy curiosity into different techniques and directions. This is true especially since 2005. So that is why when you look at my work you do not see a body of work that look alike or is of the same type over and over again. Of course I have made mistakes undertakes but is important to learn and to keep on learning. To create that one artwork that just works on all levels. So I started my art experience as a 6 year old drawing stick figures and now I am painting and drawing sophisticated artwork but the childhood joy in creating is important to keep.

My 83 year old mother practices her piano everyday. She learns a new piece of music every week. She goes for walks, she does some kind of physical exercise three times a week. Creating art is not just about how many patrons you have or how many artworks you sell but how you convey your life and living through that. There is no right and no wrong way to do this.

On the other hand showing my work and having my work available to people to see and to make their own is important because that is the way to blast new ideas into the creative atmosphere. It is important to share my work with strangers online or in a gallery, with other artists on twitter or at drawing marathons or with friends. And in turn I look at their art and appreciate their creations as a humble student.